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    1. 品牌介紹

      Brand Introduction

      首頁 · 關于我們 · 品牌介紹





            Zhejiang Punal Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd. is located in the beautiful national scenic spot named south of Yandang mountain, which is the electrical equipment city - Liushi Town, Wenzhou City. The company established in 2001 with registered capital CNY 10 million, which is a comprehensive company focusing on low-voltage industrial control electrical products, integrating Research & Development, design, production, sales and service.
            Company's business scope is taking electromagnetic relay, time relay, solid-state relay, power instrument warning LED, counter, temperature controller and other industrial control productions as the principal productions and it is covering more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Exporting to southeast Asia, the Moddle East, Europe and the United States and other abroad regions.
            The company has meet the require of ISO9001 international quality system certification, CCC National Compulsory Product Certification, CE European Community certification, and has a great number of patent inventions, with unique productt design and technical support in the same industry area. The company implement a strict management method, and make a complete Research & Development plan to definite the clear development direction. Adhere to "Based on integrity, taking quality as first purpose, attentive service, and continuous innovation" as our purpose of company, and always strive to provide the industrial control industry with high-quality, precise and reliable products, as well as a series of service programs.




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